Best Concentrate Company

Cashinbis presents Best of Cannabis Awards 2018, celebrating excellence in the global cannabis industry. Best of Cannabis Awards nominees were accepted for four main categories: Best Cannabis Companies, Best Cannabis Products, Best in the Cannabis Industry, and Best Cannabis People. Here are the winners of Best of Cannabis Awards 2018, as voted by the public. […]

Head Chef: Here’s Why These Kitchen Whizzes Grow Their Own Weed

Before we saw the seven-pointed leaf as a symbol of the counterculture movement, cannabis was just another plant that nature provided humankind. However, we now know that cannabis is capable of doing so much that we don’t yet even have a handle on all the plant’s potential, which spans building materials to textiles, medicine to […]

The Small Grower’s Dilemma

Executives, advocates, lawyers, journalists and other influential figures appreciate our credibility and fairness on the latest developments in cannabis politics, business, health and science, criminal justice and culture. Read this on >

Golden State Green Rush: A Grower’s Story

Co-published by Fast Company Bryant Mitchell drove the 450 miles between Los Angeles and Guerneville twice a week, learning, among other facets of horticulture, how distillation practices could be applied to making marijuana concentrates. In time he would become a master grower. Read the article on >

Being Black in Cannabis

An event to highlight the contributions and struggles of Black Americans in the cannabis space, featuring a moderated panel with opportunities for Q&A and networking! Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 6 PM – 8 PM Panelists: Andrea Drummer – Cannabis executive chef and WeHo consumption license winner Rico Tarver – Baker Technologies and founder of […]


One last look from #ReChargeLA as Harris-Bricken’s Hilary Bricken unspools her legal journey for an eagerly listening audience and Bryant Mitchell of BlaqStar Farms, Canndescent CFO Tom DiGiovanni, WeedWeek’s Donny Shell, and (not pictured) Humboldt growing legend Kevin Jodrey. Photo by Sam Cornwall of Cannabis in Color. More here


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